Flashback Friday from July 31, 2015

Scripture Text: Colossians 2:8–10

You are not whole because you have filled yourself. If you believe in Christ, you are whole and filled in him, by him, because of him. So far, and as far as this life allows, you will never be whole as a result of your religious works and moral behavior.

Throwback Thursday

Scripture Text: Colossians 2:11–13

It is helpful to remember that you are baptized. In Christian baptism, Christ removed your sin, though that old nature would still rear its evil head in this life.

The Large Catechism – part 46

Scripture Text: Romans 9:16

You may be certain that God will abandon the one who trusts in himself — to himself. If a person takes pleasure in his own striving, if he finds consolation in his devotion, if he is confident in anyone but God, he will discover himself undone.

The Large Catechism – part 45

Scripture Text: Romans 8:32

We should, without any difficulty, be able to expect from God alone all good things, for he has given us the greatest gift already. He has provided for us forgiveness, salvation, and eternal life through his Son.

The Large Catechism – part 43

Scripture Text: Numbers 24:10–13

Balak is exasperated at the realization that he cannot have his own way. He tried three times to coerce Balaam to curse God’s people, yet God blessed them three times over.

The Large Catechism – part 42

Scripture Text: Numbers 23:26

See how unhappy King Balak is, with his godless insecurities. He will only be happy if millions of Israelites are cursed. Balaam also seems less than pleased, if the New Testament commentary has anything to offer.

The Large Catechism – part 41

Scripture Text: Numbers 23:7–8

What do you want: Balak’s fortunes, or God’s blessings? We get in trouble when we want more than we need, more than what God has promised to provide.

The Large Catechism – part 40

Scripture Text: Numbers 22:31

The story of Balaam can be confusing. We might be tempted to take his side against God, unless we understand that God allows us to pursue those things we truly desire.

The Large Catechism – part 39

Scripture Text: Romans 6:17

This is the whole point of the Catechism: to instill a standard of teaching to which our hearts may be conformed and confirmed. Then at all points in life...the Spirit may remind us that there is something—someone—at work within us.

The Large Catechism – part 38

Scripture Text: Romans 5:20

The Catechism is meant to accomplish two things: expose our sins, and reveal God’s grace. These very things may be easily overlooked if we view Catechism as a class one takes to memorize a little booklet.

The Large Catechism – part 37

Scripture Text: Romans 5:1–2

Have you ever tried to help your child with algebra homework? First, you have to learn it yourself. Second, you dare not help today but then, not help again until weeks later.

The Smalcald Articles – part 33

Scripture Text: Mark 14:22–25

What Christ actually instituted is sometimes quite different from what is practiced. So, let us be clear on what was actually done by our Lord, instead of what has been invented since.

The Smalcald Articles – part 32

Scripture Text: Revelation 5:11–12

Millions of angels bow before Christ, who is worthy to be exalted over all creation. This is heard in Revelation’s septave of complete praise: power, wealth, wisdom, might, honor, glory, and blessing.

Concerning Justification, part 49

Scripture Text: Galatians 5:1–6

Faith happens when the heart is prompted by the Holy Spirit to believe that the promise of God is true. By faith, we take hold of the gospel with confident hope, becoming certain that Jesus died for the sin of the world.

The Large Catechism – part 36

Scripture Text: Matthew 18:14

If left to themselves, it is obvious enough, that we leave our children to the world and the rulers of the darkness of this time. So, we must teach our children to take up the armor of God.

The Large Catechism – part 35

Scripture Text: Matthew 18:2–4

My grandchildren help themselves to our pantry and refrigerator. They understand that Nana and Papa do not want them to be hungry. We encourage them to take and eat.

The Large Catechism – part 34

Scripture Text: Romans 1:16-17

The power of Baptism is faith in the Baptizer, in God. Without faith in God’s word of promise, baptism is a ceremonial cleansing at best. But when the word of God is spoken through the water, and is received in faith, there is divine, salvific power.

The Large Catechism – part 33

Scripture Text: Romans 1:1–6

Why do we teach this condensed summary of the Holy Bible? We do so because Christ Jesus said, “Go.” Jesus tells his church to make disciples by baptizing them in the name of God and teaching them to obey his commandments.

The Large Catechism – part 32

Scripture Text: Ecclesiastes 12:13

James is correct: faith must be shown in deeds (James 2:18). In other words, we are to love our neighbor. Yet, duty is learned; keeping the commandments does not happen naturally.

The Large Catechism – part 31

Scripture Text: Matthew 16:15–18

Luther’s words seem extreme and even cruel to us. Yet there is nothing so cruel as to abandon one’s children at the gates of Hell. Our children, and all for whom we bear responsibility, should be taught the Scriptures.

The Large Catechism – part 30

Scripture Text: Matthew 16:1–4

These lessons are primary and, therefore, necessary because they point beyond us. They direct us to God, instead of to ourselves, with our limited grasping. There is so much uproar surrounding us, demanding our attention, approval, and finally, allegiance.

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