Concerning the Marriage of Priests – part 47

Scripture Text: 2 Corinthians 2:17

The Wittenberg Reformers knew something about peddlers of religion. The hucksters of indulgences plagued the lands, bilking folks out of scarce money. There were other charlatans too, who traded wholesale in religion, exchanging false promises for the blessings of life.

Concerning the Marriage of Priests – part 46

Scripture Text: 1 Corinthians 11:19

What is one to do when all attempts have been made to reason with people who have willfully gone astray? There are people—yes, even in the churches—who willfully ignore Scripture, insisting instead on their own bent reasoning.

Concerning the Marriage of Priests – part 45

Scripture Text: John 8:44

The devil’s lies brought sin and death into the world. Knowledge of this should provide godly people with ample courage to stand for the truth. Part of that truth is that God uses both self-discipline and marriage as means of faithfulness.

Concerning the Marriage of Priests – part 44

Scripture Text: Hebrews 13:4

A further edition of the Lutheran Confessions adds, “God has now so blinded the world that adultery and fornication are permitted almost without punishment; on the contrary, punishment is inflicted on account of marriage.”

Concerning the Marriage of Priests – part 42

Scripture Text: Proverbs 31:10

Those who prohibit marriage, enforcing celibacy as a necessary good work, have become a laughing stock. Even their own dare to laugh when others make sport or even scorn their ways. For these ways are not God’s ways; perpetual celibacy is a human invention.

Concerning the Marriage of Priests – part 40

Scripture Text: Isaiah 55:8–9

We should never place so-called common sense before Holy Scripture. We may imagine that we understand something perfectly well, yet God’s way are not our ways. What once seemed entirely sensible to us looks quite different through the eyes of faith.

Concerning the Marriage of Priests – part 38

Scripture Text: 1 Corinthians 7:35

Marriage should never be considered an obstacle to salvation, nor as a life filled with of sins. Quite the opposite is true. The Apostle Paul praises the married life for its unique ability to keep one from sin.

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