Concerning the Marriage of Priests – part 36

Scripture Text: Isaiah 53:6

These false teachings come about by not understanding the principal teaching of the New Testament, the one from which all good doctrine springs, and the central tenet of the Lutherans. That principal belief is that we are saved by God.

Concerning the Marriage of Priests – part 35

Scripture Text: Psalm 51:17

Those who enjoy their ease and indolence, without the benefit of the Word of God, and having no regard for it, live their lives without worry or guilt. These conditions brought the most debauched lifestyles upon the Church, just as they do in our times.

Concerning the Marriage of Priests – part 32

Scripture Text: 1 Corinthians 1:30–31

The ceremonial code in the law of Moses, those things concerning what is clean or unclean, do not pertain to Christians. Christians are freed from all the ceremonies of Moses, not only from the laws concerning uncleanness.

Concerning the Marriage of Priests – part 30

Scripture Text: 2 Timothy 1:9

Whether or not we concur with the rhetorical comparisons used by Melancthon, we may understand his point. That is, we cannot earn the favor of God. Rather, because of Christ’s work, those who believe are regarded as righteous by God.

Concerning the Marriage of Priests – part 27

Scripture Text: Titus 1:15

Nothing is pure, if it is done outside of faith and God’s Word. An unbeliever may practice the most ascetic spiritual disciplines. He may fast, study, meditate, remain celibate, and feed the poor, but none of this is pure if it is exercised without faith.

Concerning the Marriage of Priests – part 24

Scripture Text: 1 Timothy 4:1–5

Efforts to be holy through anything other than Christ are denials of Christ and of his justification of us. Devoting ourselves to religious things such as abstinence—whether foods or marriage—is to deprive ourselves...

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