Concerning the Invocation of Saints – part 30

Scripture Text: Philippians 3:17

The “Apostolic Fathers” inform us that Polycarp was a disciple of the Apostle John, and “the angel of the church in Smyrna.” Irenaeus was his disciple and tells of the bishop’s faithful life, teaching, stand against heresy, and martyrdom.

Concerning the Invocation of Saints – part 27

Scripture Text: 1 Timothy 2:1–6

Great value was placed on...what the early theologians and bishops called the Church Fathers taught about the Christian faith from the time of the apostles through the seven ecumenical councils of the Church.

Concerning the Invocation of Saints – part 24

Scripture Text: John 3:16

We cannot stand on our own two feet, let alone lend our works or merits to other people. This is the purview of Christ alone. Christ Jesus imputes his righteousness to us, but we do not ascribe our righteousness to anyone.

reprised from January 13, 2016

Scripture Text: Revelation 1:1-3

“It is written.” This was a favorite saying of the prophets, the evangelists, the apostles, and Jesus. Sometimes it is phrased as a questions: “What is written?”

Reprised from January 12, 2016

Scripture Text: 2 Thessalonians 3:16-18

External is not eternal. These outward things will never secure everlasting life. Furthermore, they will never give us peace. The heart must be changed by God for these things to be ours.

Reprised from January 11, 2015

Scripture Text: John 19:16–27

All of Jesus' ministry looks toward the crucifixion. He tells his disciples over and over that this is why he came to earth. Sometimes it is a veiled announcement...

Concerning the Invocation of Saints – part 19

Scripture Text: Hebrews 7:23–25

No one draws near to a king unless he is commanded to do so. Therefore, if you wish to have the king’s ear, it must be done through one who is already in the king’s presence—and to whom the king will listen.

Concerning the Invocation of Saints – part 16

Scripture Text: John 14:13–14

It pleases God to answer our prayers when we pray according to his will. So, just as we are careful to ask that his “will be done” in heaven, we should be as concerned that God’s “will be done on earth.”

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