Concerning Repentance – part 53

Scripture Text: Acts 10:42–43

The whole of Scripture proclaims that forgiveness of sins is received only through faith in Christ. Those who suppose that God forgives their sins because they are good people, are led astray by their vain imaginings.

Concerning Repentance – part 52

Scripture Text: Romans 4:1–8

Everyone acknowledges that, “You can’t take it with you.” Common sense wisdom understands that our works have no eternal value. So why do some try to stack them up as having merit with God? Belief in God’s promises is what counts as righteousness.

Concerning Repentance – part 51

Scripture Text: Romans 3:21–25

The forgiveness of sins is received—not earned. Now a sizeable portion of the Church thinks otherwise. Yet this is clearly what Scripture teaches us. Forgiveness is received by faith.

Concerning Repentance – part 50

Scripture Text: 1 John 5:9–12

If you cannot believe God’s promise then you may as well insist that the sun will rise in the west tomorrow morning. For if you cannot believe that which is most sure, how certain is anything else that has been taken for granted up until now?

Concerning Repentance – part 49

Scripture Text: Genesis 17:15–18

Promises are laughable words, unless received with faith. Abraham and Sarai were promised a son in their advanced old age. Abraham laughed; he laughed so hard that he fell to the ground.

Concerning Repentance – part 48

Scripture Text: John 3:16–18

We cannot place our trust in works wrought by ourselves. Surely, this is evident to everyone. Who among us has been found faithful—even to his own intentions?

Concerning Repentance – part 47

Scripture Text: Matthew 11:28–30

Being sorry for our sin does not merit forgiveness. You probably heard a retort something like this at some point in your life: “Sorry doesn’t fix what you broke.”

Concerning Repentance – part 46

Scripture Text: Matthew 3:4–8

These are important distinctions. Faith is different than sorrow or contrition. It is also different from devotion or works of penance. Faith stands apart, believing in the Redeemer...

Concerning Repentance – part 45

Scripture Text: Luke 7:36–38, 48–50

In this passage, we see two kinds of sinners. One is dull in spirit, self-absorbed, and very capable of seeing the sin in others but unable to see it in himself. The second is overcome with sorrow over her sin.

Concerning Repentance – part 44

Scripture Text: 2 Samuel 12:13–14

When David was brought up short by the knowledge of his secret sin, he was contrite and confessed his sin. After his confession, the prophet Nathan spoke words of forgiveness from the Lord.

Concerning Repentance – part 43

Scripture Text: Genesis 3:6–8

After we take the tantalizing fruit of sin, a frightening self-consciousness overwhelms us. All we want to do is cover our sin and hide from God. This terror is contrition; and it is not enough.

Concerning Repentance – part 42

Scripture Text: Genesis 3:14–15

The promise, though veiled, goes all the way back to Genesis. That very first sin demanded the declaration of a Savior from the loving God. For from those tragic bites of forbidden fruit...

Concerning Repentance – part 41

Scripture Text: 1 John 4:15–17

How strange it must seem to a child, for the parent who loves, to also seem so angry. For the threat of an oncoming car does not concern the unknowing child who is chasing a ball into the street.

Concerning Repentance – part 40

Scripture Text: 1 Samuel 2:2–6

Life and death are in God’s hands. And there is nothing that we can do to deliver ourselves from the grave. The foolish harden their hearts to this fact of life. But the wise are contrite.

Concerning Repentance – part 38

Scripture Text: Romans 7:24–8:2

We are in bondage to the flesh: these bodies of death with their natural inclinations that serve the law. We are bound by nature to sin “in thought, word, and deed.”

Concerning Repentance – part 37

Scripture Text: Habakkuk 2:1–4

It is the height of arrogance for someone to think that justification occurs through the human acts of contrition, devotion, or other acts of love or good works

Concerning Repentance – part 35

Scripture Text: Mark 1:14–15

It is not enough to only believe the history of the gospel. One must have faith in the one who is the incarnate gospel. One must trust in Christ for the remission of sins.

Concerning Repentance – part 34

Scripture Text: Hebrews 9:11–15

To think of repentance in terms of contrition alone is to act in accordance with the law. This is unstable ground since it depends upon the person who is sorry for their sin.

Concerning Repentance – part 31

Scripture Text: Romans 10:13–17

The promise of divine grace is received through hearing the gospel. This hearing occurs in many ways. It is received through the reading of the Scripture, both individually and corporately.

Concerning Repentance – part 30

Scripture Text: Ephesians 2:18; 3:11–12

We cannot fear, love, and trust God without faith. In other words, we cannot keep even the first of the commandments without faith, let alone the rest of the law.

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