Bible Study


COMMUNITY BIBLE STUDY – All are welcome!  We’ll meet Tuesday evenings this summer at 7:00 for a discussion group as we read the book together.  Purchase your own book, or borrow from the library - any copy or edition of this title will work.  Everyone from both Trinity and Bethany, as well as from our local communities, is welcome to join us.  Please bring a friend!  


Join us on Tuesday evenings this summer! Our latest Book Club begins on May 24th!

What if there was something you could do-something simple, yet so powerful-that could positively influence others and change your life in the process? Critically acclaimed author River Jordan discovered that very thing...

As 2009 approached, both of River Jordan's sons were about to go off to war-one to Iraq and the other to Afghanistan-and she was planning a family reunion to see them off. All River could do was pray for her sons' safety and hope to maintain her strength, until she unexpectedly came upon the perfect New Year's resolution-one that focused on others instead of herself. She would pray for a complete stranger every single day of the year.

In Praying for Strangers, Jordan tells that the discovery that she made along the journey was not simply that her prayers touched the lives of these strangers (in often astounding ways), but that the unexpected connections she made with other people would be a profound experience that would change her life forever.