About Us

Knowing Jesus and Making Him Known

Who are we?

Trinity and Bethany are two small churches in southwestern Minnesota, in the towns of Jeffers and Storden, only 7 miles apart.  This area of the state is rural and the predominant industry is farming.  We have formed a two-point parish and we share a pastor and many of our ministries and activities, but we also maintain our individual character as separate congregations. 

Both congregations voted unanimously to leave the ELCA in November, 2019, and we joined LCMC.  We called our first LCMC pastor in June, 2020, and we joined the Augustana District of LCMC shortly thereafter.  We are looking toward the future with an eye for growth and with the bold and expectant prayer that our Lord will continue to guide us along this path he's set before us.  

Our worship services are traditional and liturgical, and we use the older green hymnals, the Lutheran Book of Worship, that you may remember from many years ago.  Sunday worship includes both sung and spoken liturgy and several congregational hymns. 

We celebrate Holy Communion on the first and second Sundays of the month.  We come to the table at the invitation of the Lord, receiving the body and blood of Christ for the forgiveness of sins.  Baptized Christians who share this faith and seek the Lord's forgiveness are welcome to join us at the table.  Young children who do not yet commune may be brought forward for a blessing.  

We love visitors, and children of all ages are welcome, even the noisy ones who don't sit still during the service!  We enjoy sharing the love of Christ with our neighbors, and we would like to meet you!