Trinity Missions

Sending Mission Teams to Greenville, Mississippi

We support Trinity Missions, a ministry of volunteers who travel annually to do home repairs and construction projects in poverty-stricken areas of Mississippi, sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ along the way.


In the summer of about 1965, a Methodist pastor from North Dakota, Rev. Roger Smith, was asked to travel to Greenville, Mississippi to help register black people to vote.  He came to have a deep love for the people and the community and stayed for abotu 35 years!  He served in various capacities and as pastor of several congregations and with Ms. Thelma Barnes, the founder of the Delta Resources Center.  Rev. Smith related to Revels Memorial United Methodist Church.  This was the only Methodist congregation in the city.

The Revels congregation "inherited" a church building from the Episcopalians.  Their congregation became too small, and so Revels moved into the property at 711 Boradway.  This property has a large structure and originally functioned as a bomb shelter. To this day, the large structure that has a gym space functions as a family life center.  Rev. Smith invited a friend of his, Rev. Lyle Miller of Oakes, North Dakota, to come down and help finish this building.  This space also includes restrooms, a large kitchen, showers, and classrooms.  It took several years and numerous people to help complete the project.  The group became "addicted" and "attached" to this annual project through the warm fellowship and love at Revels.  In 1999, Rev. Miller was unable to go due to health problems.  Pastor Harvey Pederson agreed to lead a group at the urging of Bobbie Malmberg, who had gone with the Miller group.  Since this time, several committed people of God have attended nearly every year.  The group started in Oakes, ND, and when Pastor Pedersen and his wife retired they moved to Marlene's family farmstead just north of Storden, MN.  It was at that time that "Mission to MS" was established and began to work on homes in Greenville.  It has now blossomed into Nebraska and SW Minnesota.  These homes in Greenville belong to families who had no other hope of repairs to their homes except from "M to M" teams.

When the team got back to MN the first year, they had $900.  After all the bills were paid, there was a $9.30 shortage.  One of the group members gave the pastor a $10 bill and told him that now he had "seed money".  Six years later that 70 cents turned into $36,000 and allowed the team to work on 3 homrs that year!  We have put our faith in God to provide and God always blesses us!

In the 21 years since "Mission to MS" happened with our current group, we have had 337 individuals participate in the work, and we have helped 16 families since 2011.  Team members have come from South Dakota, Minnesota, North Dakota, and Nebraska.  Ages have ranged from 18-90!  We have had a 3-generation family and numerous 2 generations.

In 2016, Revels got the opportunity to purchase the property next to the church.  This includes a house that will be used as a bunkhouse for the working teams, and a garage that can hold materials and be a work area.  This will also function as a monthly food distribution for 300 needy families.

Over the years, our list of families who want their houses worked on has grown to 65 as of 2018.  The North Minnebraska Team has only been able to complete 2 homes a year, so we need your help!  You can help in 3 ways:

1.  Join us as a team member.

2.  Donate money to support the projects.  All money is donated and there is no cost to the families.

3.  Pray for the Mission Team.

Something that we tell all First Timers travelling to Greenville is: "The first time you come you're a visitor.  After that you're family!"  This is most certainly true!  It seems that Greenville looks forward to March as much as we do, to welcome their friends from the north!

The welcome we receive in Greenville is truly amazing.  We come willing to work, with gifts to bless the families, and we leave so full of love and grace!  We are all truly blessed!  This whole ministry is about following the Holy Spirit at work in the hearts of everyone involved.  God calls us to use our gifts and talents to the best of our ability, and when we do this we are truly blessed beyond measure.  Martin Luther said, "What people of faith do with their money is indicative of what they believe about God."  We go to Greenville knowing God will provide, and he always does!


Oakes, ND.  United Methodist Church and Grace Lutheran Church

Edgly, ND.  Wesley United Methodist.

Osceola, NB.  St. Paul's Lutheran Church.

Jeffers, MN.  Trinity Lutheran Church and United Methodist Church.

Storden, MN.  Bethany Lutheran Church and Amo Lutheran Church.

Westbrook, MN.  Highwater Lutheran Church, Old Westbrook Lutheran Church, Grace Lutheran Church, Trinity Lutheran Church

Lamberton, MN.  Our Savior's Lutheran Church.

Walnut Grove, MN.  St. Olaf Lutheran Church and English Lutheran Church

Milroy, MN.  Our Savior's Lutheran Church

Lucan, MN.  Trinity Lutheran Church.

Wabasso, MN.  St. Matthew Lutheran Church.

Springfield, MN.  Sundown Lutheran Church.

Greenville, MS.  Revels United Methodist Church and First United Methodist Church.